SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — An event celebrating music and art is making its way to Sioux Falls.

The Four Winds Music and Art Festival got its start in Sioux Falls in 2016.

“The first year we had about, I want to say, seven to eight artists over like one night kind of a thing, like a small event and then all of the sudden each year it keeps growing and doubling in size,” Event Host Zach Dresch said.

Zach Dresch is hosting the event, and performs with The Disarmed.

“Stylistically we sound a lot like 90’s rock, like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, a lot of that kind of stuff,” Dresch said.

This year’s Four Winds will feature a total of 30 musical acts on two stages over two nights.

“Metal, rock, hip hop, folk, kind of everything in between honestly, so whatever kind of genre you like, it’ll be available at the event to check out,” Dresch said.

“It’s almost like a class reunion, in a sense, every year for musicians and artists,” GhostCat guitarist Josh Lee said.

Josh Lee has lived in Sioux Falls for more than a decade, but is a guitarist with GhostCat out of Sioux City.

“We are Indie rock, but I would say we tend to lean on the pop side. We like to get experimental, so yeah, when you come make sure you have your dancing shoes on,” Lee said.

Lee is also encouraging concertgoers to check out the art show.

“You’re going to get a bunch of different artists, abstract, pottery, jewelry, so there’s a lot of different things going on there,” Lee said.

It’s that mix of music and art that makes this a unique event.

“When you have so many people in there for the same experience you just have a room full of love and pure excitement and you don’t really get that too often and it’s all the same sort of community. When we come together like this it’s just a very special thing,” Josh Lee said.

The Four Winds Music and Art Festival is Friday and Saturday at Icon Lounge and Dada Gastropub in Sioux Falls.