Four Suspects Charged In Alleged Carjacking

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Four people, including three teenagers are facing a long list of felony charges after a carjacking in Sioux Falls. 

Police say it started in the northwest part of the city in the parking lot of the Sanford Fieldhouse.  It ended several miles away near 8th and Nesmith in the downtown area where three of the four were taken into custody. 

32-year-old Darcy Takes The Knife, who appeared in court Wednesday afternoon, is the only adult involved in the alleged carjacking.  The other three are teenagers, whose names can’t be released.

Police say Tuesday a 26-year-old from Madison drove the four to the Sanford Fieldhouse. That’s where the group allegedly attacked the driver. 

“They began beating him, punching him they actually used an ice scraper and broke that over the top of his head.

Police say the victim, who was able to get away, knew at least two of the suspects. 

“As soon as he got out of the car, that’s when one of the suspects jumped into the driver’s seat and drove the car at him, thankfully missed, but then took off,” Clemens said. 

Police spotted the stolen car at 11th and Phillips.  That’s when the suspects sped off.  

A short time later police say they hit a vehicle in the area of 8th and Nesmith, where they got out of the car and ran, but they didn’t get far.  Three of the four suspects, including Takes The Knife, were taken into custody.

Police are still looking for the third teenager, but they know who he is.  

Takes The Knife and the three teenagers are all facing charges of first degree robbery, aggravated assault, possession of a stolen vehicle, grand theft and fleeing police.

The victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.  

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