BLACK HILLS, S.D. (KELO) — Floral shops are heading into a busy week with Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

From red roses and tulips to sunflowers and daisies, Victoria’s Garden in Rapid City has it all this Valentine’s Day. Since opening this morning, the local shop’s phone has been ringing with orders.

“This I think is like my 37th Valentines Day. I know a lot of people that are here have gone through many many Valentine’s Days and so we just know what it’s like. We mentally prepare ourselves, we have meetings and planning and we talk about self-care and we just do it,” Vicki Bierman, owner of Victoria’s Garden, said.

With numerous different arrangements and floral designs, Jenny’s Floral here in Custer has been preparing for Valentine’s Day for months.

“My friends come and help me, I have a very small staff so I rely on a lot of help so I have great friends and business owners here in town that help me and we have fun, it’s a fun day for us,” Carrie Moore, Owner of Jenny’s Floral, said.

Krull’s Market in Hill City is hoping to sell out their arrangements.

“We have Valentine’s flowers and plants for every price range. From 5.99 to 52.99, I think there is one that is just over 60 but we have something for everybody’s price range,” Kim Krull, florist at Krull’s Market, said.

Each year during this time, some of these flower shops receive hundreds of orders, which can be stressful. However, they enjoy helping spread love on Valentine’s Day.

“It’s a lot of fun and really the flowers are so beautiful when they come in and the back room when we are working with them, it just smells so good,” Krull said.