Flooding causes campers to leave campsite in the middle of the night

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It’s not something anyone wants to wake up to — water surrounding your camp site, and rising quickly. That’s what happened to one traveling couple as they made a stop in Kennebec for the night.  

A couple from Oregon have been traveling across the country for 8 months in their school bus that they transformed into a camper. What they thought would be a quiet night near Brye Lake turned into an experience they won’t forget.

Joey Krejci and Amy Liss are getting a first look at their bus after having to leave it in the middle of the night when water started to surround it. It all started early Monday night.

“We were about 30 feet from the water’s edge, thinking we were fine. And yeah, we just woke up at 3:30 in the morning and realized there was two feet of water underneath the bus,” traveler, Joey Krejci said.

After seeing all the water, they called 911.

“The cop told us to stay there and that he was going to come get us, probably couldn’t tow our bus so we are thinking, we have to get anything we can. So we were both kind of panicking. I was mostly worried about the cat because she’s the cat and doesn’t do well in water and panicky situations so I packed like 3 shirts and a couple pairs of underwear and some socks and my laptop,” traveler, Amy Liss said.

Now, over a day later, the water has went down, and they’re able to get a look inside. Water still fills the inside of their drawers in their bus.

“The positive part of it is that we didn’t drown so that’s good,” Liss said.

But Krejci is hoping this bump in the road, won’t end their road trip. 

“If it is salvageable and the inside isn’t ruined and moldy and the engine’s able to start, I think we could keep going but I think it’s a cool story. We survived a flood, we survived a tornado watch. Our transmission blew up the first week. So we’ve been through a lot of things with the bus,” Krejci.

They’re hoping to get back on the road soon, but are unsure when that will be.

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