SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — When you think about skiing in the winter months, one would see going down a snowy hill on chilly day. But some see putting on a wet suit and hitting the water. In this weeks Flashback Friday, we go back to 1982 when two friends rode the frigid waters of the Missouri River.

In a part of the country that’s know 50 degrees below zero only too well, anything above zero is a heat wave. So it’s here in tropical Yankton, South Dakota that two sportsmen are taking the plunge.

The two are Denny and Dwayne of Sioux Falls, and Yankton, and say they are friends. Well up until today that is. You call them crazy, but they say they’ve heard it all before, and taken it all. In water that is barely above freezing, they don wet suits and slip in for a dip in the Missouri.

“It’s nice to be a little bit different. To be recognized for being a little bit crazy sometimes.” “Some would say you’re a lot crazy.” “That’s fine, it’s a great attribute.”

They do have some help in scaring off the chill. Denny would like to thank his secretary for the layer of pantyhose. And on top of that, there’s plastic sacks, socks, and rubber bands to hold it all down. The ski run is the second this season. They last took a dive on December 6th, say they like the novelty, and plan to keep it up all winter.

“December 6th, 1981. How was it then?” “Cold!” “Cold! Very cold!” “How do you predict it to be today?” “Colder!” “Colder!”

As a post-script, if you say you could never do that, you may be right. The water is very cold underneath the floating ice, and these guys have a year and a whole month to recover. Besides, they have a little extra padding, Dwayne sells Dale Carnagie optimism. Denny sells insurance.