SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Fair season is in full swing here in KELOLAND. The Turner County Fair finished its 4-day run Thursday, and the South Dakota State Fair is just under 2 weeks away.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1988 and show you what it takes to win some prizes playing games on the midway.

“You’ve got a very good chance to win, get in and pick out your lucky gun!”

They make it sound so easy, just throw, shoot, break whatever, and win. Any Tom, Dick, or Bozo could do it.

“Shoot the clown right in the month. 1, 2, 3 shoot him!”

For most of us though, it’s not that easy, but at least they make us have-nots feel good when we lose.

“You almost won one!”

We’ve all seen the people who win. They’re the one with smiles on their faces and happy girlfriends on their arms, proudly holding their trophy for all to see.

“She said I like that little bear up there, that little panda bear with a heart, and I said ‘well, you want me to try and win it for you’ and she said ‘Sure, go ahead and try’ so I tried.”

“Now the question is has he proved something to you by winning this bear? Do you love him more or what’s the deal here.”


Funny thing is you can go to a store and buy just about any of these prizes for a lot less than it might take you to win one. But it’s like the lottery, you can spend a buck and get a prize or spend 50 and get nothing but a sore arm.

Winning gives a person hero status. They become the ringer to win a prize for the whole family.

“Shoot till you win! There goes one, alright! You got a large prize!”

Even when you win, you learn the term large is relative and some of these prizes seem to have any real use.

“What can you do with a 3-foot long crayon?”

“Boy, I guess that’s up to the person who wins them. Kids love them. I don’t know what they do with them”

The same thing kids do with the real ones. Chew on them, hold them, or carry them home to Mom so she can put them in the attic with the death’s head mirror you win. When you think about it, your best bet is to keep the 2 balls for a buck.

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