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Flashback Friday: Valentine's Day In 1982

We are less than one week away from Valentine's Day and a lot of people are planning on sending cards or flowers.

But who delivers those gifts? In this week's Flashback Friday, we take a look at how Cupid was spreading some Valentine's Day love in 1982.

You might think being Cupid on Valentine's Day would be easy and lots of fun.
Well the latter might be true.
But if included in your duties is delivering flowers, there could be a hitch, like finding the right address.
"Is this 1012? It's not 1012?"
"No this is 1006."
"Where's 1012 is that next door?"
Or the right apartment.
But once the contact is made, it's usually worth while.
"Were you surprised to see Cupid bring the flowers?"
"Yes, I was. Didn't think there really was one."
Not everyone has appreciated Cupid. But that doesn't discourage him.
"People take a few steps backwards, wondering what I'm doing there. One lady called me 'weird'. Mostly it's been good though. People have called me in and I've met their families and they've taken pictures with Cupid. It's been real nice."
"Do you think that Cupid will deliver flowers next year too?'
"Oh sure. I'll do it again next year. I mean I've got the outfit now."
Evidentially, his arrow found its mark at least once.
Bobbi Lower, KELOLAND News.

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