SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — From a moose at SDSU to a bear west of Aberdeen, some unexpected animals have shown up in some unexpected areas in KELOLAND throughout the years. In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1993 with Chief Meteorologist Jay Trobec and show you the cows that “mooooved” into one Sioux Falls neighborhood.

It’s the last thing you expect to see in a residential neighborhood– five heifers, escapees from the stockyards.

“Well, my dog was barking, and I looked outside and a cow ran right in front of the house, like right by, and I didn’t where it was going. Kind of freaked me out.”

For the neighbors, the commotion seemed as entertaining as a rodeo, only free. Authorities brought in plenty of horsepower, yet it was clear the livestock did not want to be taken alive.

The city dogcatcher, used to catching smaller prey, seemed surprised to be staring down this sized problem. Another man found himself pressed into service as an amateur bullfighter. Stockyard officials prepared a lasso, but the young cows refused to steered back into captivity.

Eventually, one of the heifers escaped through the trees onto Cliff Avenue. Two cars crashed while slamming on the breaks trying to avoid the four-legged roadblock.

“So, he’s on the other, about two blocks over, and I was trying to get ahead of him, and I was coming down the street they were running straight in a line and as I passed the head one, she just turned and banged right into my pickup.” “Dented!” “Dented it good!”

It was a day outside the fence for five rawhide renegades who refused to be at home on the range.

In Sioux Falls, Jay Trobec, KELOLAND News at 6.