SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — When it comes to their wedding day, couples want it to be memorable. For some, that means picking an unforgettable venue.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, we go back to 1985 when one couple spent their special day up in the clouds.

There’s an old saying that love makes one do crazy things. But none of Dan Williams and Joan McConville’s friends ever expected anything like this.

With their heads in the clouds and their feet off the ground, the two decided to share their love for each other amidst their love of balloons.

“What better way, you know? What better way to start a marriage, and just enjoy people and friends and the occasion.”

The courtship began three and a half years ago. You might say Dan swept Joan right off her feet. And what better place to tie the knot than where they’ve been spending most of their time lately, on cloud nine?

The guests arrive by air and the ceremony seemed to fly past. But strangely enough, Dan says the balloon’s landing will remain his most vivid memory of this wedding day.

“It was in a pasture, and there was cows in there earlier.”

“It was wonderful. The flight was beautiful. And it was really pretty looking down at Sioux Falls and passing over. And it was very peaceful and serene and simple and wonderful.”

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