SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — This winter has been a wild one, with more snow than Meteorologist Scot Mundt predicted. It’s being compared to a winter over 50 years ago.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1969 and give you a look at some of the conditions from that record-setting season.

This scene on the interstate west of Sioux Falls was typical. A car was stuck, a wrecker was pulling it out, some people standing about, watching.

As the semi approached a car sped around him then hit the brakes. The semi jackknifed into the parked auto, while a quick-thinking bystander pushed the owner of the car out of the way.

Off the highways, there are farms that the milk trucks haven’t reached for weeks, and the milk is fed to hogs or wasted in the waste of snow. And there are stranded cattle that must be fed.

“In one area we have 3,000 head of cattle. In between us and those cattle is 17 feet of snow on the road. What we need is bulldozer equipment which we cannot locate at the present time in Minnehaha County. We have contacted the state office for more assistance and they are working on this. The rotary plows that we have, we have 4 in the county, 3 of which are broken down at this time, we hope to have going at some time this afternoon.”

“How about private contractors?”

“We have contacted all private contractors and are doing so right now, and we can find no equipment, such as the equipment we need: Front-end loaders, bulldozers, rotaries.”

It was another day of play for school children. Few schools were open throughout the eastern part of the state.

Some highways and most side roads were blocked or snow-packed. Hazardous driving warnings were issued again, and a special warning put out to sports fans planning to attend basketball or wrestling district tournaments, now taking place around the state.

Don Ratliff, KELOLAND News in Sioux Falls