LE MARS, Iowa (KELO) — Summer is a great time to ride a bike. Every year, there’s a ride that takes cyclists across the state of Iowa. In this weeks Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1982 and introduce you to some bikers who made the trip.

Le Mars was the first stop for some 7,000 cyclists on their way across Iowa. The bikers began their journey in Akron just after dawn Sunday morning, and will finish in Davenport on Saturday. The trip is the RAGBRAI 10. That is the Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa, sponsored by the Des Moines Register. Most bikers travel light, since 250 support vehicles carry camping gear and emergency supplies along the route. The cycling enthusiasts come from all over the country, and range in age from 5 to 85. One cyclist was concerned about a 67-year-old woman he noticed riding slumped over her handlebars.

“And when I got up next to her, she was reading poetry. She had it taped to the handlebars and she was drooped over flipping the pages.”

Of course not everyone can coordinate themselves to read poetry along the way. Still the trip is not boring.

“I like to look around at the plant and animal that’s around, to some extent. It’s mostly corn of course. Mainly it’s just people watching, because there is a lot of fascinating people around here.”

During their stop in Le Mars, bikers ate, rested and prepared for the next 30 miles to Cherokee where their sleeping bags awaited them. Monica Dailey, KELOLAND News, Le Mars, Iowa.

This year’s RAGBRAI starts in Sergeant Bluff tomorrow and ends along the Mississippi River in Lansing.
The trip is around 450 miles long.