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Flashback Friday: Pheasant Hunting In 1982

You've probably noticed more orange around the state.

That's because thousands of hunters are preparing for this weekend's start to the pheasant hunt!

In fact, this year marks the 100th season of pheasant hunting in the state.

When the hunt started in 1919, it was only for one day and hunters could only bag two pheasants. One-thousand people participated and only grabbed 200 pheasants.

In this week's Flashback Friday we're taking you back to 1982 when hunters had a harder time finding those elusive birds.


They're out there, but good luck in shooting them. The state's Game Fish and Parks Department says heavy cover and standing crops will keep pheasants hidden from this weekend's hunters.  The number of the fiesty game birds are at last year's count of 4.5 million.  Even though there's a high number of ring necks, unharvested crops and an over abundence of natural cover gives pheasnts the advantage in this year's hunt.  
"The pheasants are going to be in some tall thick cover and you're not going to be able to just drive along the roads and see them standing there as perhaps  in drier years. You're going to have to get out you're going to have to walk fields, work hard in order to get a limit of birds this year."
Following last year's successful hunting season with over a million and a half roosters being bagged we can expect more sportsman in the field this year.
The state's wildlife division claims the dispersion of the popular bird again will make statewide pheasant hunting good.
"Formal range up in the northeast part of the state looks real good. South, all the way south to the border there's birds and they've really shown a dispersion. I think just about everywhere a hunter is willing to look good, he's going to find pheasants to shoot."
Hunting enthusiasts say this is the year that could separate the good shots from the rest, stating that is going to take some real effort before one gets to the 3 bird limit. 
Ross Heupel reporting for KELOLAND News in pheasant country. 

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