SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – It’s common for states to have rivalries, especially when it comes to college sports. But sometimes, those rivalries can carry over to the wildlife.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, KELOLAND’S Perry Groten takes us back to 1985 where turkeys from Minnesota and Texas squared off in a race.

It’s a battle between the North Star state and the Lone Star state. For 13 years, Worthington’s Paycheck and Cuero, Texas’s Ruby Begonia battled it for bragging rights as to which state possesses the world’s fastest turkey. Paycheck’s crew limbered up, believing victory was in their grasp because of a scientific training technique.

A kiss for good luck and the 2 combatants are ready.

Paycheck, on the right, jumped out to the early lead, but being the gracious sportsman that he is, decided to take time out and visit with his cheering fans on the sidelines. After several detours, Paycheck’s race crew steered him in the right direction and crossed the finish line, well ahead of Ruby Bagonia, who was having some navigation problems of his own.

“Slow bird!”

“How do you speed it up again?”

Billy Joe White hopes his secret formula will result in a win when the rivalry resumes in Cuero next month. But this day belonged to Paycheck who gobbled up the sweet taste of victory.

Perry Groten, KELOLAND News, Worthington.

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