Christmas Eve is finally here and that means Santa takes his annual flight tonight and there is a way to know exactly where he is in the sky.

In the first of this week’s two Flashback Fridays, Meteorologist Scot Mundt takes us back to 2009 and shows us how you can keep track of Santa.

With heavy snow and strong winds in the forecast tonight, Rudolf will be needed for Santa’s big flight. There’s a way you can follow his journey through snow, KELOLAND dot com is where you should go. With a couple of clicks of the mouse by your side, you’ll see where he’s at on his annual sleigh ride. NORAD’s tracked Santa for over 50 years, it’s the way they help spread Christmas cheer. So kids, visit KELOLAND dot com before bed, for the man with the reindeer and his sled. Merry Christmas from the Storm Center to you, I’m Meteorologist Scot Mundt, weather is what I do.