SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Even though there are still piles of snow around Sioux Falls, one would think KELOLAND should be done with it by now. But that isn’t always the case.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, KELOLAND’S Perry Groten takes us back to 1996 when snow fell on a summer holiday.

Residents of a Box Elder mobile home park are heading for the safety of higher ground as the rising waters of Box Elder Creek spill into their yards.

“I had to move my dog. You can see my dog house. Had to move him last night up here on my car here. Oh, man! I wish this stuff would stop man!”

Rapid Creek is overflowing its banks in parts of Downtown Rapid City. The current is rushing stronger than it has in years. Higher up in the Black Hills, the steady rainfall is turning into heavy, wet snow.

Motorists driving on U.S. Highway 16 near Hill City were turned around after several cars and motorcycles slid into the ditch.

“If you get behind the plow and get into Rapid, more power to you, but I would get a hotel room.”

“My husband put the bike down the hill. We had three bikes to go down but everybody is okay. We’re heading home, hopefully.”

“It’s a real thick slush, shoots you right into the ditch.”

It’s a working vacation for road crews as they scoop up the snow. The novelty of a Memorial Day snowstorm isn’t wasted on some vacationers as they make the most of this wintery mess by having a ball.

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