LARCHWOOD, Iowa (KELO) — The town of Larchwood, Iowa is celebrating its 150th birthday this weekend. In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1972 and show you how the town celebrated a century.

Beginning tomorrow, the farming community of Larchwood will be observing its 100th birthday. Today, the residents with beards and bussles abounding were pouring, painting, and hammering to put the final touches on the two-day festivity. Among the busiest of Larchwood’s 650 residents, is Mayor Roy Gallahger.

“We start out with just a children’s parade in the morning. And at 1 o’clock in the afternoon we have a big tractor pull, with $600 worth of prize money, trophies, and divided into 6 classes. In the evening, the big event of the evening will be our pageant “Once Upon a Town” which involves upwards of 100 people in the Larchwood area presenting our life this past 100 years. On Saturday morning, we start out with another parade, a children’s parade. 11 o’clock we have our old settler’s picnic, which will be a reminiscing time of all the old timers that have come back to their old home town to see what has happened here in the past 100 years. At 6 o’clock that evening we have a big parade, and when I say big Steve, it’s going to be big because we 170 some entries in that parade now.”

I asked Gallahger if he’s encountered any problems in preparation for the festivity.

“The only problem we have is they stole our jail. And i got a fella standing here by the name of Paul Schulten that I think is probably involved in that jail.”

“Well, I look forward to being in the parade, but I’m not mixed up in it.”

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it Paul. I think you’re guilty.”

“Oh, I’ve been into other things, but not this.”

The jail was located in the city park, but a few nights ago a midnight foray was made, and the ton and a half jail vanished. We did some checking and found it on a farm near Larchwood. But I just don’t remember the directions to that farm. Steve Hemmingsen, KELOLAND News, Larchwood, IA.

The 150th celebration continues today with a Cruise night, burn outs and fireworks. Then tomorrow, activities will include a parade and car show.