SIOUX FALL, S.D. (KELO) — During our long winter, people had to find something to do inside. Included in that list of indoor activities is bowling.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, Travis Fossing takes us back to 2000 where a unique bowler was an inspiration for all.

Winters in South Dakota can take their toll on the elderly community. Passing the time includes walking the mall, while others escape the elements all together by flocking south, but Alice Bennett isn’t like most 93-year-olds. She’s a bowler.

“Well, I don’t thinks they’re surpriesed when I’m willing to come here and bowl and enjoy it. I enjoy all the bowlers here. We have lunch together afterwards. It’s a good bunch to bowl with.”

Bennett resides in Valley Springs, and makes a trip to Garretson every Tuesday. A trip she’s been making for four years. Prior to that, Alice spent four decades picking up spares in Canton, the former Sport Bowl in Downtown Sioux Falls, and at Eastway Bowl in Sioux Falls. She ended that run in the late 80’s.

“I laid off for 8 years because I broke my ankle. But then I got asked me to come join them here. I started here 4 years ago.”

“I’m going to keep on bowling as long as I can, if the team wants me to bowl with them, as bad as I am to bowl. But I used to be, have a good average.”

Many years and pins ago, Alice averaged a 150, topping out at 254 in the 1970’s. Today, this soon to be 94-year-old rolls a modest 104 average.

“It makes me happy to see them happy, and I enjoy getting strikes and everything. I like to hit strikes too, but my ball doesn’t have many strikes in it anymore.”

Despite the lack of X’s on her score card, Bennett does strike gold every now and again. And when she does, she gives thanks.

” I am so thankful to my team keeping me good health, so that I can bowl.”