Flashback Friday: Haunted halls of the Washington Pavilion in 2000

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Whether it’s a creepy basement, attic or an entire building, there’s a lot of places people believe to be haunted. And that includes the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.

In Flashback Friday, KELOLAND’s Perry Groten finds out why some say the halls of the venue are haunted in 2000.

Jennifer Knudsen is convinced there is more than people prowling the catacombs of the Washington Pavilion.

“There are times when I’m working and I feel like there’s something behind me I’ll say out loud ‘go away I don’t want to deal with you right now,'” Knudsen said.

As a late shift maintenance worker, Knudsen has been dealing with things that go bump in the night for the past year and a half.

There’s the time an elevator mysteriously quite working forcing Knudsen to take the stairs.

“And I got halfway between the elevator and the fire doors and it was dark and I could see the lights underneath the fire doors and seemed like somebody…it felt, I could literally feel like somebody had put their hand on my left shoulder and I just remember like stopping and just “oh my god!’ and I jolted for the door,” Knudsen said.

Rubbing shoulders with ghosts is just the start.

“And the fourth floor is where I get the goosebumps,” Knudsen said.

A ghost story, four stories high.

“There was an instance where I had looked up and in the fourth floor and I saw a child or what looked to be a child. Sitting there like this and waving. I’m like ‘oh my god!’ and at that point in time I freaked out a little bit and I don’t like looking back at the building anymore,” Knudsen said.

Knudsen’s co-workers have been haunted by startling sights as well. There was a stagehand in the great hall sweeping the floor who couldn’t brush aside a phantom’s footsteps in the dust.

Others tell tales of the ghost who keeps checking out what used to be the Washington High School Library.

“One person has seen what they looked like was a woman standing there knocking and waving like, hey you know I’m here. And apparently that use to be the old librarian that had died passed away and came back to the library where she enjoyed and found comfort,” Knudsen said.

The Pavilion can be a spooky stronghold of dark passageways and scary sounds.

This eerie ambiance can tug at the shadows of imagination. Creating illusions that tingle the spine. But Knudsen is certain it’s not her mind playing Halloween tricks. She thinks the Pavilion’s aberrations are real, reaching out from the other side.

“I think its something that’s trying to get out attention to say hey, you staff aren’t the only ones that are here. You know, we’re here too. And they’re just letting someone know that hey, you know we can’t be forgotten,” Knudsen said.

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