SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Harvest continues to roll on here in South Dakota. As of last week, 87 percent of corn has been harvested.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, We take you back to 1982 when one farmer worked to get his crop out on Thanksgiving

Dwayne Peterson can’t remember the last time he combined corn on Thanksgiving. Since the cold weather set in, he and four hired men have been going around the clock with two combines where they can get through. There are still plenty of wet spots to drive around.

“This half of the field, we got to leave spots like this, see? We won’t do much more when we’ve got to turn around this often.”

Getting the corn off the stalk isn’t the only problem. Peterson and his help found the ground too soft to carry the weight of a loaded truck, an unexpected stop. The grain will have to be transferred.

Even with all the man and machine power, Peterson is only a little half done with harvesting his 1000 acres of corn. While he may not be able to relax and enjoy the holiday, Thanksgiving 82′ is not forgotten.

“Well, I’m real thankful for the crop the lord gave me, and if we can go, it’s frozen now so, that’s why we’re thankful we can go.”

Peterson isn’t alone in his attempt to harvest. Some KELOLAND farmers have just taken the day off, saying they need a break from the corn-combining battle. The latest report from the crop reporting service shows corn harvest over three weeks behind.

Area extension agents say the southeast corner of the state is in the worst shape, with only about 30 percent of the corn out.

Getting the rest of the corn in will be a day-by-day battle. Peterson says the key to getting the last corn kernel out of the field will be an extended period of cold, with now snow.

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