MOUNT RUSHMORE, S.D. (KELO) — Many people will celebrate the 4th of July this weekend. Those celebrations may include fireworks or a trip to a national monument. In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1980 and show you the celebration that took place at Mount Rushmore.

It was like the good old days, before the gas price increases. The lot was full, some tourists taking advantage of the whirly-bird service to avoid the crowds. But most enjoyed special activities and shutters were constantly going off to capture remembrance of the four faces on the mountain. There were speeches, all relying heavily on patriotism.

“And of all the things critical about it you hear going on today, it’s still the one great hope of mankind.”

But it was more than just a day for speeches and raising flags.

“It’s a day that’s inscribed with tradition, tragedy, and pictures that are inscribed in our memories and our hearts.”

It was also a day for review, with Mintzmeyer taking special notice of the park rangers. All working overtime in the heat to treat with kid gloves tourists that have been staying away.

“She just been on board with this region for a very short time, and she’s looking us over pretty hard. And I gather we’re getting some pretty favorable comments, and I’m sure where we need some assistance she’s gonna provide it for us.”

They filled the amphitheater to sing songs, and to listen, but most of all, to look. To look at the unfinished masterpiece most people recognize as the nation’s shrine to democracy.

Terry Harris, KELOLAND News, at Mount Rushmore.