SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Over two weeks ago the Delbridge Museum of Natural History at the Great Plains Zoo was closed.

We dug into archives to look at the history of its taxidermy collection.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1984 when a large piece was put in place.

The old pachyderm rolled into Sioux Falls around 8 this morning. When moving such jumbo proportions, something’s usually got to give. In this case, it was a few tree branches.

You’d think traveling all this way from Colorado upside down would have an adverse effect upon an elephant, well not this old boy, he’s thick-skinned. He’s a little bullish about getting out of the truck, however. But with over 20 men bringing up the rear, it’s not such a difficult task after all.

“Moments of a little excitement and anticipation but I think it went very well. All the crew that was out here, everybody pitched in and helped so it went very smoothly I think.”

One lesson you must never forget about moving an elephant is usually they’re a bit wrinkled after the trip, but officials here at the Delbridge Museum hope to have everything ironed out in time for the museum’s opening on November 3rd.

“Biggest part of it, I think, is just it takes a long time. This is not one of those things that anybody, much less Joe Donas who is an expert in putting animals together like this, it’s something nobody has a lot of experience with, and it just takes time to get them together.”

This is no Dumbo, and with all the hustling and bustling he’s been through, somebody forgot to give this poor elephant a name. I don’t know, he looks like and Elmo to me.

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