SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sunday is Mother’s Day. That brings up the question, have you got Mom a present yet?

In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1987 and show you how people celebrated Mom.

It’s not easy to miss the coming signs of Mother’s Day, what with all the publicity and all. But that doesn’t stop some people from waiting until the last minute to pick up a gift.

“It’s the busiest day, well, the busiest week of the year.”

“I work a lot and I don’t have time. I was going to get flowers last night, and I worked all day. I didn’t want them to get all wiltty.”

“I had to work today, all day. That’s it.”

Last minute or not, it’s the thought that counts. A rose on Mother’s Day still smells as sweet as one a day or two ahead of time. Most mothers are just happy to be together with their families.

“My husband took me out for breakfast this morning, and we’re going to have dinner together this evening.”

“We live in Northwest Iowa, and our families are in Southeast Iowa, so it would have been nice to be together with our mothers for Mother’s Day.”

To help moms living too far away from their loved ones, a bus company came through in the clutch. Offering free rides to mothers visiting their families on Mom’s Day.

“It was wonderful. I saw a lot of mothers that got to come see their families when they wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise.”

“We hope that maybe they’ll have this again maybe another year and we can come down and have a nice Mother’s Day weekend.”

But one mom says the best and most memorable Mother’s Day present, is a Mom’s Day baby.

“I don’t think we’ll forget. He was a pretty special package here.”

As hard to believe as it may seem, some people get so wrapped up in daily living and work that they forget to get their mother a gift all together and have to resort to something cheesy, like a last-minute phone call.

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