Flashback Friday: Car technology in 1983

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It seems nowadays, there’s technology everywhere.

And one of the places with smart technology is inside your car. But that hasn’t always been the case.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, take a look at when talking cars started making their way on the roads in 1983.

Gone are the days of the Model T.
Back then, the time to fix your car was when it rattled.
Now, the latest generation of car might very well rattle… but it also talks.
“Your engine is overheating.”
Chrysler, for some reason, has decided to make their latest offering talk up a storm.
Letting you know just about everything you wanted to know, or maybe did not want to know, about your car’s innards. 
The news can be grim.
“Your electrical system is malfunctioning. You engine oil pressure is low. Prompt service is required.”
To its credit, even in times of rather great stress, the vehicle is polite.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
“It’s just kind of a different feeling. Sound like you’ve got somebody with you all the time.”
But, having somebody with you all the time can be a mixed blessing.
Jim owns one of these talking cars.
“You take a certain amount of satisfaction in fastening your seatbelt.”
“Just to shut it up?”
“Yeah, just to shut it up.”
Apparently next year’s models will give you a little toggle switch that tells the car to hush.
“A door is ajar.”
“The thing that bugs me the most about ours is that when you leave a door open it says, ‘a door is ajar.’ And then you get into a big, long argument about, ‘A door is a door. It’s not a jar.'”
The Japanese, always innovative, have put a woman’s voice in their car. 
Listen for the accent.
“Lights are on.”
Walden Kirsch, KELOLAND News.

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