SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota High School Football Championships continue Friday with the 11B, 11A, and 11AA title tilts.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, We take you back to 1981 where it was a group effort to air the games on KELO TV.

Most fans were so wrapped up in the game that they never noticed the bright yellow shirts wandering the field, each out to do a special job. 15-hundred feet of cable was strung to connect all the parts to the guts of the operation, a small van parked on the sidelines.

Inside, at least 9 people were punching buttons, watching meters and spying monitors, making sure the right pictures went into the KELOLAND homes. Each put forth their best effort, but even that wasn’t quite as good as the NFL Today on CBS.

“Yesterday we were, like I said, back home making commercials in Sioux Falls, and today were out doing a live broadcast. I think that’s the biggest difference. They have the same crew going with them day in and day out. They pretty much know what they’re going to be doing.”

But the efforts of KELO TV and the action at the Dome were coordinated. Play didn’t start until commercial breaks were complete, so home viewers didn’t miss a snap.

But not all of the work was done at the Dome. 55 mile away in Sioux Falls at least another 10 people were working diligently on instant replay, the halftime highlights and in-between shows. All together, the coordinated efforts brought the first South Dakota High School Football Playoffs into KELOLAND Homes.

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