Flashback Friday: Advancements in Sports Medicine in 1993

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High school football is in full swing here in KELOLAND. And injuries are still a possibility on the field. In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1993, and show some of the advancements in sports medicine at the time.

Walk it off. That’s what a real man does when you get hurt on the field. Right? Well, today with advancements in sports, medicine, doctors have built a better mouse trap. There wasn’t really many techniques as far as a rehab or, or, you know, the surgeries they would usually go in, for example, on a cartilage tear and take out the whole cartilage in the knee now, whereas they just go in and take out the effected area and which makes rehab a lot easier and getting them back out in the plan.

No most of these guys, aren’t really thinking of the chances of getting hurt, but every year it crosses over a few of their minds, whether they want it to or not. Ryan quarterbacks are the most likely to get hurt. Everyone’s going after Eric Grossman, whether he passes the ball or not tackles and running backs, figure in the mix too.

Usually the first day, you don’t really have time to worry about it, but if all the stretching and all the scrimmaging still result in an injury specialists in the growing sports medicine field are usually nearby. And coach coaches say, if you want to stay injury free, do the same thing you do. If you don’t want to forget what you learned in classes last year, keep working at it over the summer.

Of course, when they come in from a long summer of leisure, if some of them didn’t do any working out over the summer, then they have a risk of injury because they’re not real good shape yet. So all you mom and dad’s out there. If your kid gets hurt, running a bad play, use the, I told you. So it was only sparingly.

And remember your kid stands a better chance of fully recovering than ever before. In Sioux falls, Michael Schwartz, Kelo land and news at 10.

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