VOLIN, S.D. (KELO) — From Brandon to Hartford, racing season is full swing. However, it’s not just drivers that want to win. In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1983 and introduce you to some turtles that had a need for speed.

With over 250 turtles to test the theory, the residents of Volin and then some have gathered to test each turtles’ speed.

The object is to get your turtle to cross the green circle first, and everyone seems to have a secret training plan to get their turtle to do just that.

“Been working on color secrets, because last year he got right up to the line and quit, and he just followed it around. So this year we’re not going to let color stop him!”

If you happen to forget your turtle in the rush, The Volin Days has a truckload to choose from. The turtle coaches have come from all over, some as far as New York to compete in what may be the only turtle contest in the nation. And which of the turtles is the fastest?

“From what I’ve seen I think the water turtles, though some of the box turtles have been winning too.”

The moral of the fable goes something like this, the race is not always to the swift, the slow and steady are sure to win. But looking at some of today’s participants, they, like the rabbit, have to take a little pit stop along the way.