Flashback Friday: A collection of cats in 1994

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People across KELOLAND and around the world have interesting collections. 

From Vintage dolls to stadium seats. And Baseball cards to old school cars.

But in this week’s Flashback Friday, go back to 1994 with KELOLAND’s Carol Nesbitt to meet a Minnesota woman who has an unexpected collection of Furry Friends.

“They’re forgiving. They’re loving. I mean they’re wonderful little animals. They really are. That is why i got so many! I Just haven’t got the heart to get rid of them!” 

Rose Hanson is referring to her cats. 20 by her last count. And if having 20 cats isn’t “Strange” enough, several of them are an unusual breed called manx. 

“These manx cats look rabbit like. Part of their development is the fact that because they have longer legs it becomes an easier mode of transportation to hop sort of like a rabbit-style or kangaroo-style almost” 

These unusual cats are sometimes called “Cabbits.” 

“The way they hop. I mean this cat will hop just like a rabbit really does.” 

But Rose assures us they are not a cross-breed of the two. It’s impossible. Still, they are different. From long tails. to no tails. Light or dark. Big or little. She loves them all.

“I mean they really are companions. There’s no back talk. And even where you’re crabby you can get them away from you, and the next minute they come right back to you.” 

Her own babies may be grown and gone, but she’s never really lonely. Not with these furry felines to keep her company.

In Adrian, I’m Carol Nesbitt.

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