FLANDREAU, S.D. (KELO) — While fun for some, especially kids, the snow is a headache for many others and it’s turned three Flandreau fourth grade boys into heroes.

Ashdaehn Smith-Kuhnel, Joshua Weston and Wakinyan BrushBreaker were out playing in the snow on February 8 when they heard someone yelling for help. Because of their action and quick-thinking, an older woman was saved after she had fallen and was laying in the snow for six hours.

It’s what these boys love to do — play outside in the snow. About a week ago, doing what they loved helped rescue 75-year-old Shirleen Miller.

“We went up to the hill and they were going to show me what they had built, and then we started hearing someone yelling for help,” Weston said.

Miller went outside to untangle her dog’s leash, when she slipped on a patch of ice and fell. She yelled for help for hours.

As soon as the boys heard the call, they quickly stepped into action.

“We decided to go tell an adult,” BrushBreaker said.

“We heard her yelling for help, so we went to get his mom and then we drove around for awhile, and then we found her laying there,” Smith-Kuhnel said.

Joshua Weston’s mom Jenny Johnson was at home when the three boys got there.

“They all came running in the house screaming that somebody was yelling for help and that we needed to get in the car and figure out where it was coming from,” Johnson said.

Johnson drove the boys around for about 15 minutes until they found Miller.

“She was laying in the backyard, and so then I told the kids to stay in the car and ran around the side of the house and that’s when I found her laying in the snow,” Johnson said.

Johnson put a jacket over Miller and called for the police and ambulance, but she gives all the credit to these three boys.

“As soon as the boys came around the corner of the house and they seen her laying there, she seen them, she started crying and she called them her angels, and she was thanking them. She was very happy and relieved,” Johnson said.

And the boys were happy to help.

“Felt kind of glad that she was safe,” BrushBreaker said.

“It makes me feel happy and glad that we saved her,” Weston said.

“We saved a lady,” Smith-Kuhnel said.

They even received an “Unsung Hero Award” and were recognized at school for their heroic actions.

“Super proud. They didn’t hesitate at all when they heard somebody yelling for help, so very very proud to have a child like that and to have his friends help somebody like that in a situation like that,” Johnson said.

Over a phone call, Miller said how special the three boys are and credits them for saving her life.

She is also thankful for Johnson, as well as police and ambulance crews for helping. She was in the hospital briefly but is at home and doing better now.

Next week, the Flandreau City Council will also recognize Ashdaehn, Joshua and Wakinyan, too.