HARTFORD, S.D. (KELO) — It’s an historic day in South Dakota.

The very first state licensed medical cannabis store opened to long lines in Hartford. The patients who stood in line want you to know that this is legitimate medicine for many.

“Three, two, one, all right!”

With that, the first state licensed medical cannabis store in South Dakota opened its doors in Hartford.

“It’s an incredible day, it’s exciting. Last night I got like four hours of sleep,” said B.J. Olson, the co-owner of Unity Rd. in Hartford.

Adam Winckler is excited too. He’s a combat medic who served in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 and he suffers from grand mal seizures.

“One of them, I did die but fortunately they were able to revive me,” said Winckler. “The best thing for me has been cannabis. Over the course of little over a year, I’ve been seizure free with the use of cannabis.”

Winckler says it’s time for people to see this for what it is, a legitimate medicine to help people.

“You know my family was a little bit skeptical with me talking about it on the news because of some of the negative stigma, but I felt that it was important to still tell people that it is a medical benefit to people and I could be an example of that,” said Winckler.

Frank Lamont was next in line today. He qualified for a medical cannabis card after three back surgeries.

“I told my daughter it’s the second best day of my life,” said Lamont. “I live in chronic pain and it’s just such a relief to use cannabis.”

Lamont is glad to get the pain relief he needs without risking arrest.

“This is, oh my gosh, I’ve been waiting so long. I don’t want to do anything illegal. It’s just such a relief that this is legal now and that people can get what they need without worrying about going to jail,” said Lamont.

There was a long, steady line of people going into Unity Rd., but a few got turned away because they didn’t have a state issued medical cannabis card.

“Tribal cards will not work, out of state medical cards will not work, it has to come from the state of South Dakota. To get those cards, you need to see your physician,” said Olson.

One more thing, Unity Rd. only accepts cash and debit cards.

Unity Rd. had cannabis flower and pre rolled joints for sale today. The owners say more products will be added in the weeks to come.