SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — According to the Calgary Flames, Walker Duehr is the first player born in South Dakota to score a goal in the NHL. He grew up in Sioux Falls and is following his dream.

“Pretty cool feeling, something you dream of, so it was pretty cool,” said Walker.

Walker Duehr’s first goal in the NHL came last Thursday as the Flames took on the St Louis Blues.

“Walker Duehr’s first NHL goal makes it one nothing Calgary!” said the announcer.

Mom and Dad drove from Sioux Falls to St. Louis and were in the stands to see it happen.

“We were screaming and yeah it was pretty surreal it was something you knew he dreamed about and we always dreamed about and every little kid’s probably dreamed about that plays hockey, you know scored a goal in the NHL quite an accomplishment,” said Walker’s father Neal.

“Yeah and to see all of the teammates just surround him and just so excited for him as well yeah it was very joyous,” said Walker’s mother Tori.

“We heard your mom up in the press box, did you hear her down on the ice? Asked a reporter after the game.

“No, but I bet she was screaming pretty good along with the rest of them,” said Walker in a press conference after the game.

“Yeah, we were probably on the loud side considering apparently St. Louis goes completely silent when the other team scores,” said Tori.

Walker and his brother Wyatt and two cousins grew up playing hockey in Sioux Falls. Wyatt is in school now in Nashville and working for a hockey job off the ice. Cousin Zeb played for the Stampede. Neal and Tori say while some parents might find the demands of being a hockey family a sacrifice, they look at it differently.

“You can call it a sacrifice but in all reality, I don’t necessarily look at it that way. In that until he left to play U16, every weekend we had together, so a lot of parents and their kids are running off with this friend or that friend where they were with us in a car every weekend driving to and from a hockey rink even all summer long,” said Tori.

Walker and his brother grew up as Sioux Falls Stampede fans. Stampede president Jim Olander says Walker’s success means a lot for hockey in South Dakota, because he serves as an example for younger players.

“So those are the types of players we want to continue to develop it continues to grow and grow. South Dakota isn’t Minnesota yet, but there is certainly no reason we can’t get to that level at some point,” said Olander.

Walker has worked his way up to the NHL, and he’s hoping his call-up will become permanent. Neal and Tori are confident more NHL goals are in Walker’s future.

“We always tell him just get better every day and that’s all you can do is show up, and get better every day,” said Neal.

No matter what happens, back home Walker will always have the distinction of being the first South Dakota-born player to score a goal in the NHL.