SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — People in southeastern KELOLAND are cleaning up the first measurable snowfall of the season.

Sioux Falls got 2-3 inches.

When the sidewalks and driveways are covered in white, you’ll likely find Shelby Fortin and Ny Thoung outside together.

“It’s pretty light and fluffy,” Sioux Falls resident Shelby Fortin said.

The neighbors teamed up Tuesday morning to shovel snow.

“Love thy neighbor, and this is our way of showing love,” Fortin said.

Homeowners weren’t the only ones hard at work.

City crews got a head start Monday by treating the streets with salt brine.

They came back early Tuesday morning to start plowing and putting down salt.

They’ve also been tracking the road conditions from afar using technology.

“We’re able to look at all the traffic cameras, see what the conditions of the road are, see if what we’re deciding we’re doing out there, how much salt we’re putting out, how we’re plowing it, is the right amount,” street maintenance supervisor Daniel Whipple said.

The Sioux Falls street manager says there will not be a snow alert because the city only got a couple of inches and temperatures are expected to warm up later this week.

Whether you tackle the snow with a plow or a shovel, it’s time to settle in for winter.

“I always hope it doesn’t start snowing until December, so we almost made it through November with no snow, but if we’re going to have a first big snow this one’s not too bad,” Fortin said.