SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new addition along the bike trail near Rotary Park in southeastern Sioux Falls is almost ready for the public to use. Equipment is going in at the outdoor fitness court ranging from cardio bikes to yoga options.

This is the first exercise park in South Dakota located at Rotary Park, and it offers a variety of exercise opportunities.

“You substitute out your slides and swings and seesaws for pull-up bars, exercise bikes, box jump apparatuses, and all sorts of fitness-minded gear,” Brett Kollars, Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Assistant Director said.

All items were heavily requested by people within the city.

“It provides an outlet to outdoor fitness that we haven’t been able to provide to date. So, we’re excited about that, and beyond that, accessing it on your own will, we’ll be activating the space with our amazing recreation crew as well,” Kollars said.

Outdoor enthusiasts like Jennifer Fitz love the idea of exercising outside.

“Me and my friend both, Una, we’ll go to like the gym at Great Life, but we also love going outside, so having like a workout area to actually do those workouts outside I think is a great rendition to this park, trail here,” Fitz said.

“We all know what COVID did to us and kept us indoors, kept us away from one another, and the chance to get out to fresh air and exercise while you’re doing so, it’s important,” Kollars said.

“You can bring your little kids, and maybe mom can work out while the kids are playing over here in the park watching, so win-win right?” Fitz said.

The new fitness court is supposed to be ready by the end of June, but construction is ahead of progress. Parks and Rec will also be hosting fitness classes there around that same time.