SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Summer vacation is over for students in Sioux Falls as classes started up again Thursday in the public schools.

The familiar sights of school are back in Sioux Falls from elementary students with their big kid backpacks to high schoolers filling the hall at the sound of the bell.

Excitement and commotion that could make students be okay with that early morning alarm being set again — even if that feeling is only there for a moment.

“Summer’s over and I kind of have to get into the groove of like waking up at like seven a.m. and going to school and everything like that,” Angeth Mayen, a Jefferson High School senior, said.

“It felt like summer ended way too quick but I’m excited to go back,” Beneyam Hassen, a Jefferson High School senior, said.

But teachers are happy to see the hallways bustling again.

“It’s like the high fives and the fist bumps and the students are so excited to see each other,” Laura Weiss, a Jefferson High School teacher, said. “And it’s so fun as a teacher, being here my second year, to have students who had last year and to see them and some of them are like unrecognizable, they’ve changed over the summer. It’s just been fun to kind of like touch base again and be back with everyone.”

And seniors are enjoying their last first day of school while looking forward to the year.

“Specifically debate season, I’m the team captain here so we got a big season this year. We’re going to do a lot traveling, we’re going to go to Minneapolis, we got our national tournament later in the season, so I’m really excited for that. It’s the last one,” Hassen said.

“Kind of a little bit nervous with like college applications and everything like that, but I’m really excited to, you know, kind of be one of the leaders in our school and try to incorporate our freshmen into our Jefferson culture and everything like that,” Mayen said.

Another school year beginning again with promising possibilities for every grade level.

Watertown and Harrisburg also started school again Thursday.