SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Like a lot of things this year, firework prices were on the rise.

This year, the cost of shipping brought the price of fireworks up. The price increase was around 30% higher than previous years.

All these pretty lights and booms came at a higher cost this year. But as you can see, that didn’t stop community members from going out and purchasing their own fireworks.

“The beginning of this season we were a little nervous because the prices of fireworks obviously had a pretty dramatic increase, but the customers were considerably understanding, even more than I expected,” said TJ Cameron, owner of Pyro Fireworks Stores and Brandon Fireworks.

With shipping costs on the rise, people were still out buying fireworks, they just might have opted for a smaller size.

“You can see the size of these bigger finale cakes here, behind us, and you can see the size of a 200 gram cake,” said Cameron. “So when somebody is putting on a show, the impact of these larger cakes, a 30 or 40% increase on a $100 item hits the wallet by $30 or $40 a 30 or 40% increase on $10 or $15 item only makes a few dollar different.”

It’s a trend Cameron thinks we will continue to see in the fireworks industry.

“I don’t think that container costs will ever go down again to 11 or 12,000, you know shipping companies are able to ship less ships and a little more margin on their end, but I really do hope to see it come back somewhere in the middle,” he said. “As I mentioned, around up to 50,000 per container, we used to pay 10 to 12 I would like to see it come down somewhere in the middle which would help the consumer and the industry.”

Sunday, July 10 was the last day to shoot off fireworks in South Dakota. However, buyers from other states are still able to purchase fireworks through August.