SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There are two holidays you can buy fireworks for in South Dakota. One is the Fourth of July, and the other is New Year’s Eve. Legally, fireworks stores can begin selling on December 28th and stop at the close of New Year’s Day.

Walk into Hot Shot Fireworks on the north side of Sioux Falls, and the store looks much like it does in the summer. Shelves lined with all kinds of fireworks.

Manager Brad Wesche says business has been slow, as expected but knows things will pick up tomorrow and Saturday. In his opinion, fireworks look better in the winter.

“The effect in the winter is just brighter, I don’t know if brighter is the better word, but you get a lot of reflection off the ice and snow,” said Wesche.

When it comes to variety you’ve got just as much to choose from for New Year’s Eve fireworks as the Fourth of July. This time of year you might want to do the blizzard I think I would recommend a little something warmer.

Wesche, a veteran of the fireworks industry says there is a big difference in what people buy in the winter and what they buy in the summer. For the Fourth of July, people want variety and a large number of items to keep them entertained for hours.

“With New Year’s, it’s often cold, so they are looking to get out, get something lit, get back in the house. You don’t see people come in and buy a lot of stuff. Often, it is one or two things. One of these larger items they fire it off, go back in the house where it is toasty warm, and that’s a Happy New Year,” said Wesche.

Another advantage of winter fireworks is it gets dark much earlier, so people don’t have to wait to see their colorful displays. However, most save their best to welcome the new year with a bang.

South Dakota approved the sale of fireworks around New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day back in 2011. Many communities still prohibit fireworks within city limits, so you will want to check your local laws before setting them off in town.