SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sioux Falls families will have a Thanksgiving meal this year thanks to Feeding South Dakota.

Hundreds of cars lined up for miles to get a meal for Thanksgiving on Saturday.

“The very first car was in line at 2:30 a.m. this morning. They had been here last year and they just really wanted to make sure they received the Thanksgiving meal so that they were able to put the food on the table for their family this year,” says Mmarketing and communications director Stacey Andernacht.

In Sioux Falls alone, Feeding South Dakota gave out 1,500 meals Saturday with even more across the state.

“Last year we increased the number of meals that we were serving for the very first time because the need was just so great and it just continues to be displayed this year as well. We’re hearing from dual income households that things are just so tight right now with inflation and they just don’t have the dollars to put a Thanksgiving meal on the table,” says Andernacht.

There was no pre-registration required to receive a meal. The meals included a turkey, pie, mashed potatoes, cranberries and more. Volunteers say that while they were the ones giving out meals, they received something too.

“It’s just a blessing that we can do this for guests and people in need. These are our neighbors. These are our fellow people in our community and they have a need. And it’s just a nice opportunity that we can meet that need,” says President of Knife River Clark Meyer.

“There’s so many that go without every holiday, every day of the year. So to be able to provide for those that are not able to have that, it just humbles me a little bit more to know that you can at least make someone smile a little bit. And just some of the comments that we’ve had this morning, it’s been really uplifting,” says volunteer Jenn Kerf-McMath.

Giving people across Sioux Falls a reason to be thankful this upcoming holiday.

Along with the meals in Sioux Falls, Rapid City also handed out 1,500 meals today.