SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – A statewide food non-profit wants to make sure people of all ages aren’t making the tough decision between paying bills or buying food.

Feeding South Dakota is making sure older adults will continue to have the food they need by administering the Senior Box Program across the entire state.

“The senior box program is really just a way that we can continue to serve all of the guests of South Dakota, so this is specifically for individuals who are 60 and older and on a fixed income, making sure we can provide healthy, nutritious commodities through the USDA program to these individuals,” development director, Megan Kjose said.

The program is already in eastern and central South Dakota, but now this year will be expanding to the western side of the state.

“This transition came from another organization opting out of serving this program and focusing on other programs, and so Feeding South Dakota, we wanted to opt-in because we do this for the rest of the entire state, so we wanted to be able to step in and do this for the western region as well,” Kjose said.

Individuals enrolled in the program receive a monthly box containing different food items.

“It could be a great product like cheese, shelf-stable milk, canned fruits and vegetables, meats, proteins, pastas, things like that,” Kjose said.

If you’d like to receive a box, you must apply through Feeding South Dakota.

“If they are on the western part of the state, they will need to reapply to take part in this program through Feeding South Dakota, and then any individual that isn’t taking part in this already, they can just go on to our website or email to apply,” Kjose said.

A program making food available to those who may need it most.

“Two of our poorest counties in the United States reside in the western region of South Dakota, so to be able to provide this program in those counties specifically, but all across the state is something that’s really needed in our state,” Kjose said.

To learn more about the program or if you’d like to apply, we’ve provided a link here.