EMERY, S.D. (KELO) — A Humboldt family is seeing an outpouring of support following last week’s deadly house explosion.

Ben Goehring died in the explosion.

His parents, Lori and Leland, had critical injuries. Their daughter said they are beginning the road to recovery.

Farmers from across the community are rallying to help the Goehring family finish the harvest.

“We have about over 100 today. We got people driving the combines, carts, the trucks you know, and then we just had people here for support,” says daughter Hannah Goehring.

Around a dozen combines showed up, with many more trucks and carts.

“There’s people that have said they’d drive a combine across the state to come here today. We turned so many people away. I hope nobody is offended. There’s a lot of equipment here that probably isn’t gonna get used, but we’re trying to keep it limited to avoid any accidents and hopefully, things will go well,” says brother Corey Goehring.

“If something happens we kind of all band together and help out and there’s guys out here that got combining left to do, but they were willing to take a day and help out a neighbor that’s in a need to have the help,” says neighbor Billy Kapperman.

The goal is to combine more than 500 acres of land today. This task would take at least a week if done alone.

“Without these guys, we would not be able to get it done. And like I said, there’s so many people, people are in here waiting to get a call to see if they need help and someone even said neighbors are waiting at their houses just in case you need to call them. We have so much help and it’s just you know, everyone just wants to help, but no, there’s no way we could do any of this without any of these guys,” says Hannah.

Corey says his brother was the only one praying for rain today, because he was hoping to help combine his fields.

“He wanted to get his old pit crew from the 41 and modify his combine and get his hospital bed in the combine so he could go combine it,” says Corey.

The farmers we talked with said that the Goehring family would have done the same thing for them.

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