SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls family-owned grocery store is celebrating more than seven decades in business.

Franklin Food Market first opened its doors in January 1949.

“Something that my father, uncles, and grandfather all started and to be here 73 years later says something about their work ethic,” Franklin Food Market Owner Ted Haggar said.

The store got its name from the former Franklin Elementary School and moved to its current location in 1959. Ted Haggar took sole ownership in 1991.

“If you really enjoy your work, it’s not really work and I think my family has always enjoyed the grocery business,” Ted Haggar said.

Eddie’s Meat Shop, named after Ted’s father, has been the heart and soul of Franklin Food Market for decades, and for good reason.

“He was very particular about what went into that case and so we all kind of learned that and we’ve stayed with that format,” Ted Haggar said.

“They were always pretty strict about making sure whatever you put in the case, you’d want to take home yourself, that was the main thing,” Franklin Food Market Manager Josh Haggar said.

Ted’s son, Josh, is a manager who grew up behind the counter.

“Working with my father and grandfather, I learned most of it all from them just working as a little kid back there,” Franklin Food Market Manager Josh Haggar said.

Josh’s nephew Cain is part of the fifth generation of Haggar’s at Franklin. He stocks shelves and bags and carries out groceries.

“He does a good job, he does a great job, and to see him come down here and know it’s gone on that long makes me feel a little old but it’s great to see,” Ted Haggar said.

As for the future, Haggar will rely on what’s gotten him this far: family.

“My wife comes down and helps out, Glenda, helps out quite a bit. I’ve got a daughter who’s a full-time teacher who comes down, the grandkids, so we’re all totally in,” Ted Haggar said.

Haggar proudly displays a long line of photographs near the checkout counters telling the history of Franklin Food Market.