SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — What started with the purchase of a puzzle at a thrift store in Luverne, Minnesota turned into a reunion of friends and photos dating back to the late 1800s.

When a customer opened this box from Redeemed Remnants, they expected to find puzzle pieces.

Instead, the box was full of photos.

“The puzzle was donated to our thrift store. Somebody bought it thinking it was a puzzle and then opened these up and saw the pictures,” Loree Ness, Redeemed Remnants.

Loree Ness with Redeemed Remnants took a look through the photos and found a photo of her great-grandfather.

When she continued through, she recognized a family friend — Marti Schei Thompson — in a photo.

Turns out the photos in the box were pictures of Thompson’s family.

“So this is my great-grandmother, her name is Mary Campbell. This photo is probably we think from the 1880’s. I had never seen a picture of her before, so to see a baby picture is pretty interesting,” said Marti Schei Thompson, Sioux Falls. “These are my aunt’s my twin aunts, Darla and Darnell. I also found a picture of my dad from his second birthday party.”

Thompson says seeing these photos brings back memories of her childhood.

“I’m looking through the photos and not knowing what was next was very exciting to me,” Thompson said.

“It feels like a gift that I’m giving them. I’m just happy to be part of the story. To see Marti’s face when she first saw her a picture for the first time of her grandma, that was really touching,” Ness said.

Thompson will be keeping some of the photos, the others will be distributed among family members.