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Family Creates Ice Cream Truck For The Town

Summer is here and that means ice cream!

One central Iowa family didn't have an ice cream truck in their neighborhood so they decided to take matters into their own hands and launch a family-owned business too.

In the summer this sound can only mean one thing, ice cream. And that's good because Chad Anderson has an unusual, little three-wheeler full of them.

"And I just got a - face. And I said to the parents that right there is why I'm doing this," Anderson said. 

Anderson is a father to three, so he knows how important these sticky stained cheeks and sugary smiles really are.

"I wanted something unique but yet functional," Anderson said.

A labor of love, with the love of his life. His wife Jennifer is the designer.

"I designed the look of the truck and came up with the logo; we wanted to make it personal to us. I used our three kids, Oliver, Maxwell and Amelia on our logo," Jennifer said. 

Plastered with polka dots and pinstripes.

"We're already really excited about it because we wanted to make sure they could see it coming," Jennifer said. 

For neighbors in Nevada this is new. The Andersons say it’s been over a decade since they've had an ice cream truck.

"We wanted it to be visible, we wanted it to stand out so people would say, 'hey, there's the ice cream truck," Jennifer said. 

Small towns should get their sugar fix too.

So now the point of pint sized ice cream is to travel.

"Where ice cream trucks and food trucks just don't go," Chad said. 

It’s a first for this family.

Today the twins are too little to play co-pilot, but soon they'll join their big brother.

"Pure joy, absolute joy, I get just as much excitement with him in here and being able to go out there and have some one on one time with him- that's probably one of the best parts of it," Chad said.

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