SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – It’s a sign that the summer months are on their way. It’s opening weekend for the Falls Park Farmer’s Market.

Saturday morning this space will be busy with vendors and customers as people get out to shop at the Falls Park Farmer’s Market.

Keyes Clemmer will have some sweet treats for the big day.

“We sell our old fashioned lemonade with our fruit caviar, all different flavors, dragon fruit, mangos, strawberry, we also do our frozen hot chocolates and this year we are introducing our frozen lemonade,” executive pastry chef, owner, Prairie Cocoa and Confections, Keyes Clemmer said. “We will have our standards like our New York monster cookie line, our Prairie cookie line.”

She’s not the only one preparing.

At Songbird Kombucha, Jacob Fokken is ready to be back at the venue for a third year.

“Last year we kind of hit our stride with a kombucha base that was well balanced, and this year I’m looking forward to doing new flavors with different styles, different bases,” owner, brewer Songbird Kombucha, Jacob Fokken said.

The farmers market is every Saturday through October.

It’s a way for these local businesses to showcase their products. But that’s not all.

“Coming out to the farmer’s market really helps all the community of Sioux Falls, it helps us give back to the community and helps us be able to stay in the community,” Clemmer said.

So whatever you’re looking for, it’s a chance for you to get out and support your local businesses.

“The farmer’s market is an event, whether you’re going to get good food, or soap or kombucha, you can always just go for the fun of the event, it’s always a great time,” Fokken said.

The farmers market is from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.