SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A fairy tale classic is set to play out on stage in Sioux Falls.

The Premiere Playhouse is preparing to open the curtain on its fourth show of the season, Cinderella.

“This is going to be a pretty wild production. There are elements of magic, elements of grooviness, elements of grandeur,” Managing Artistic Director Oliver Mayes said.

Cinderella will always include pumpkins and glass slippers but Mayes’ use of the word ‘groovy’ is very intentional.

“The production is a fairy tale but it’s loosely set in the early 70s so that’s why I mentioned groovy, it’s a little more groovy of a Cinderella than you’re used to but that doesn’t mean that we’ve lost the beautiful ball gowns and the grandeur of the ball,” Mayes said.

“There’s going to be a couple surprises in there, so even if you’ve seen Cinderella you should still come see it because there might be some added elements,” Cinderella cast member Alex Mathews said.

Alex Mathews is playing the role of Fairy Godmother. This is her second part of the season, and third overall, and feels at home at The Premiere Playhouse.

“We’re here for theater, we’re here for community, we’re here to bring something beautiful to life, so it’s really cool to see people coming from all different backgrounds, different jobs, different ages,” Mathews said.

“We have ages 10 to somewhere in the 70’s so lots of age ranges, lots of identities on stage, and they’ve built a really beautiful community on-stage and off-stage,” Mayes said.

As Cinderella takes center stage, The Premiere Playhouse has unveiled its schedule for season 21, including The Little Mermaid, Oklahoma, and Hair.

“We’re giving you a lot of range. We’re also trying to showcase a lot of theatrical landmarks in theater history,” Mayes said. “We are ready to continue thrilling audiences with high-quality productions,” Mayes added.

The Premiere Playhouse will begin selling season subscriptions for season 21 at Thursday’s debut of Cinderella.

The Premiere Playhouse will close season 20 with Grease, June 15-25.