SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The city of Sioux Falls has more than 80 parks, many of which are connected by the 29-mile bike trail, and Parks & Recreation is helping older residents explore the city’s greenway trail system.

If you spot a golf cart on the paved trails in Sioux Falls, it’s likely a Senior Recreation Trail Tour.

“It’s a great chance to see the city from a different point of view,” Recreation Program Coordinator Eric Saathoff said.

The tour is designed for anyone age 55-or-older who’s not able to explore the parks and trail system on their own.

“A lot of seniors that take part in this program will often times comment, ‘Oh this building is new,’ or, ‘I remember when this used to be here’, so it’s a lot of fun for both our staff and our seniors,” Saathoff said.

“I like to walk, the beautiful trees, the sunshine, although we’ve had a lot of it lately,” Sioux Falls resident Del Olson said.

Olson enjoys the outdoors, but never walks the trail system and was curious to see what’s along the path.

“I’ve heard my neighbors talk about it and it was very interesting and all of the different things they got to see and do,” Olson said.

Parks & Rec used to offer tours about three days each summer. That number has grown to nine, including Friday’s ride through Dunham, Legacy, and Family parks.

“When we go from park to park, a lot of times we’ll talk about the different natural features,” Saathoff said. “Features within the river or if we see different wildlife we can point out that. And also a lot of time it’s about development, both within the park and within the city,” Saathoff added.

Saathoff sees it as a win-win for Sioux Falls and the seniors.

“Show off what we’ve been doing and highlights and beauty of our recreation trail and also give those seniors a chance to get out and explore our system as well,” Saathoff said.

The next free Senior Recreation Trail Tours are September 20 and 21 at Pasley Park.