SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Going to the fair includes many different activities, including the rides, the shows, and of course, the food. More than four dozen food vendors are at this year’s Sioux Empire Fair. Fair food is moving beyond the delicious but standard corn dogs and kettle corn. Nothing wrong with a good corn dog, but this year there is certainly a variety to choose from. We showed you African Food a few days ago, but there are also other new offerings including…

Banana pudding

Boiled peanuts

Bread pudding

Cassava leaves

Freeze-dried candy

Goat meat

and Jolly rice

Speaking of “new” to the fair, this is the first fair ever for these three. Eli in the middle, Hannah on the left and Nika on the right live in Cambodia and are thoroughly enjoying the Midwest fair experience.

“Well, I’ve only ever seen these things in movies, so I think it’s so much fun and I want to ride the Ferris wheel,” said Nika.

How about some of the food have you guys taken part in some of the food?

“Yeah, it’s really good,” said Hannah.

Tom Hansen: what did you have?

“Cheese curds and lemonade,” said Hannah.

Tom Hansen: What did you have Eli?

“This,” he said, holding up his cup.

Tom Hansen: What is it?

“A smoothie, berry mango,” said Eli.

“I had a foot-long corn dog,” Nika added, “and it was delicious!”

Coming straight from work and needing a meal? Here are some options. Chicken Teriyaki, turkey legs, smoked chicken, corn dogs, and walking tacos to name a few.

What about that sweet tooth? The fair has plenty to offer. From cotton candy to funnel cakes, elephant ears, and apple fries. Fairgoer Katelyn Conover proved she can eat a fried Oreo in one bite.

“I had fry bread taco, and it was excellent, and I am finishing my day with some fried Oreos also excellent,” said Conover.

There are 50 different food vendors. So if you come to the fair for the shows or the rides, remember the food is also a big part of the experience. The Sioux Empire Fair runs through this Saturday evening.