BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — A 12-year-old Brandon boy, who is dying of cancer, was told by doctors there’s nothing more they can do.

But the family is praying for a miracle.

KELOLAND News has been asked to follow the journey of Spencer Thorsland, as he continues his battle against this evil disease and the one word he wants everyone to understand.

He’s only 12 years old…..

“My cancer started back in August of 2020,” Spencer said.

…….but Spencer Thorsland has already endured a lifetime of pain.

He’s been fighting cancer for three years.

“I knew what cancer was, but I didn’t know the journey ahead of me,” Spencer said.

That journey has been filled with relapses and uncertainty.

“There were some scary days, some long days; days where I felt awful,” Spencer said.

Doctors recently told him his cancer is back for a third time.

“And then immediately I was like ok, I think it’s time for me to rest and then the next days the doctors came and said there’s nothing they can do,” Spencer said.

Despite the grim prognosis, Spencer says he had no choice but to accept it and he’s ready to be done with the fight.

“And I am like ok, yep.”

From numerous treatments at Sanford Health and the Mayo Clinic, Spencer’s stepdad, who he calls his ‘Bonus Dad’ says Spencer has been through so much.

“It’s nothing anybody should ever experience let alone kids and over three years of his journey it’s been extremely difficult on the whole family and to see how he’s handled everything and the way he affected people it’s just amazing,” Spencer’s stepdad David Huml said.

“I think he’s just showing us to take every day and make the most of it every single day and he’s done that,” Laurie Huml said.

Spencer uses the word eventually a lot.

“The word eventually is what keeps me going,” Spencer said.

Eventually, he says this will all be done. Eventually, there’ll be no more pain.

He even talks about heaven and when he gets there eventually, what it’ll be like.

“Like earth, the grass is green, the trees are all green and daylight forever, in a way it’s almost peaceful thinking about it,” Spencer said.

Spencer says he’ll eventually get to see his older sister, who he never got a chance to meet, because she died at birth.

“She’s going to take care of me, she’s my older sister, we can sit in catland together, I bet she loves cats as much as me,” Spencer said.

At times it’s hard to talk about. His mom takes a moment to give him a hug.

Lori says Spencer is stronger than most and told her not to worry.

Lori: You taught me that, you taught me that, breathe and take it in one day at a time, thank you.
Spencer: All I can do is try and keep you happy.
Lori: It’s not your job to keep me happy, but you still do a good job of it anyway.
Spencer: Well I’m your kid, kids are supposed to make you happy.

He has also taught her and others that whether there’s a miracle or not, this fight will be over one way or another; eventually.

Spencer just started in-home hospice care. He still has some goals he’d like to accomplish. He wants to go skydiving in California and visit Disneyland.

If you would like to donate to Spencer’s GoFundMe, you can do so here.