SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls high school football player is getting some high praise and national attention.

Anthony Erickson has been invited to a special training camp for some of the country’s best kickers.

What’s even more impressive is that he was almost sidelined last year after an accident.

Junior Anthony Erickson was the first football player ever to score points for the new Jefferson High School with he connected on a field goal.

Now, he’s going to experience another first.

This weekend he’ll be competing in the Kohl’s Professional kicking camp in Florida. It’s by invitation only.

“So you have to be one of the best younger classmen in the country to go to it, so if I can compete at it, it’ll be a big deal for me,” Anthony said.

The Kohl’s Kicking camp is the leading source for ranking players in the country. Colleges use it to recruit prospects and that’s important if you’re a kicker.

“Recruiting for kickers is a little bit different it’s not like a receiver getting catches you don’t always control the opportunities you get and he’s obviously making the most of his opportunities to go to this camp so it’s exciting for him,” coach Vince Benedetto said.

Right now, Erickson sits at number 54 in his graduating class. He’s lucky to be kicking at all.

You may recall, the story we did with Anthony last year after he accidentally stepped on a stingray while on vacation in Mexico.

His injury was a scary situation.

“If the infection got worse, I would have lost my foot could have been a major setback, maybe never kicked again,” Anthony said.

Anthony underwent surgery on his foot and had months of physical therapy.

Now he’s back in the game and after this weekend’s camp, he’s hoping to have a leg up on his competition.

“It’s really important, because as a kicker it’s harder to get recruited so these kind of camps, all these kickers from around the country can go and get ranked it’s a really big deal,” Anthony said.

Erickson’s longest field goal in a game so far has been 42 yards, but he made a 64 yarder in practice.