SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The window to enjoy the fall colors is closing.

Leaves continue to change and fall across KELOLAND. Though the strong winds last week and today don’t help keep them around. What we do have on the trees are rather vibrant.

During the growing season, water, sunlight and carbon dioxide all combine to create food for the leaves, trapping the green pigment.

As we transition to fall, the sun angle lowers, as that happens cells from the base of the leaf stop carrying fluids. This traps the sugar in the leaf and we eventually see the leaf change color.

Of course, the drought had an impact on when leaves change and just how vibrant their colors are, so some in KELOLAND won’t have as colorful of a show.

As we continue through October, the ground will continue to be colored with gold and red colors as the leaves fall.
Some may say it’s better than the ground turning white with something else that falls from the sky.

And that ‘something’ I’m talking about may be here late next week.