SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Through the month of July, you can check out one of the city’s newest parks. It’s a pop-up park in downtown Sioux Falls.

While you can already shop, eat, or even just go for a stroll in downtown Sioux Falls, you can now stop at this green space at the Phillips Avenue Plaza.

This park has been popping up in downtown since 2015.

“A pop-up park is an opportunity for parks and recreation to show off different urban areas, so what we do is we take an otherwise urban landscape and add green space to it just to kind of brighten up the area,” recreation program coordinator, Eric Saathoff said.

Sheila Hazard has lived downtown since 2016 and enjoys the annual addition.

“It’s just wonderful to have some flowers downtown and even though it’s a pop-up green space, it’s still a green space,” Sioux Falls resident, Sheila Hazard said. “I come for breakfast here at the diners on Saturdays, that’s my regular routine, I think I might have to have dessert coffee out at the green space.”

This green space will not only be used for people to just hang out but parks and rec will also be hosting different activities throughout the month.

“We have different activities such as make and take dogs toys, we are having an activity called ‘horsing around downtown,’ and will be a bunch of cowboy-themed activities, and live music, we’ve partnered with downtown Sioux Falls and they will have five different performances here,” Saathoff said.

Over the weekend, nearly 50 people stopped by to participate in the activities.

“That’s the great thing about the pop-up park, everything is quick activities, if you’re out shopping or eating downtown, you can always stop in and spend a few minutes at the park,” Saathoff said.

The pop-up park is located at the Phillips Avenue Plaza next to the diner. Activities are free and don’t require registration.