SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –College graduates will soon trade in their diplomas for the 9 to 5 life. A new crop of employees is entering the workforce, and this time they’re part of a new generation. That means a whole new office dynamic for employers and employees to get used to. 

Augustana University student Leah Blom enjoyed the few days left of senior year before leaving campus and walking into the workforce. 

“My parents really impressed upon me was to go into something I know I’m passionate about and I could probably get a pretty good job in,” Leah Blom said. 

First Leah has an internship, and is setting her sights on a career in marketing. Leah is part of Generation Z, and had her first social media account when she was a kid. Even that influences how she sees the world now. 

“We grew up with the internet and we grew up with a different kind of connection and different need for connection. Once we get into the workforce that’s definitely going to be something we’re looking for and we’ll value in a potential employer,” Leah said. 

“They’re native digitally and they’ve never known life without being connected to a phone 24/7,” Natalie Eisenberg, Click Rain CEO, said. 

Eisenberg has to pay attention to traits like this when she hires. She’s seeing more Z-ers apply for jobs. A new generation has the potential to throw a wrench in a harmonious workplace. 

“In working with some from the boomer generation and even my generation being x-ers, hard work means putting your hours in. Being in your desk seat at 8 a.m. or earlier,” Eisenberg said. 

It’s taken years to understand millennials and how they’ve changed office dynamics. As generation Z moves in, Eisenberg says it’s key to know what makes each generation tick to avoid clashes at work. 

“Today’s generation sees work ethic as being creative. Being inspired. Delivering brilliant ideas no matter when or where those can be created,” Eisenberg said. 

Even though Leah is going to work and leaving school behind, this Gen Z-er says learning to work with other generations will be a whole new education. 

“It makes you think about things in a different way, and make sure you’re explaining things to people in a good way, too,” Leah said. 

You may have noticed this story focuses a lot on Generation Z. First of all, Generation Z is not the same the millennial generation. KELOLAND News is taking a deeper look at what makes Z tick and all of the factors that have influenced these men and women. That story is Tuesday night’s Eye on KELOLAND on KELOLAND News at 10 p.m.